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Just because …

Here’s my observation from yesterday: it was a marvelous summer day so I spent the majority of my time outside. I saw a couple at the park. They were in their mid-thirties. They didn’t match each other but they were typical of unmatched couples I often see. Oh you know the pair. He’s too thin, sports a beard, and looks like he just threw a pot on a wheel. She’s meatier, pleasant yet plain, and looks like she played the oboe in the high school band.

Earl Woods pretty much groomed Tiger to play professional golf from the womb. I guess it’s a good thing the guy actually had the gifts and desire to play, because if he had been born with a talent for the oboe or pottery rather than golf, his father would not have taken it well and he would be one emotionally scarred dude today.

In one compartment of my life I play the oboe.

Despite the fact that I should be making oboe reeds, I have yet to accomplish that goal because, you see, I’m waaaay to tired to handel a knife.

(Too tired to spell, too.)

In 5th Grade, when everyone chose their instruments the first day of Band, I chose the Oboe. The other kids said it sounded like a dying goose (especially playing on plastic reeds until you play well enough for wood reeds).

(NO NO NO … never play a plastic reed. Even as a beginner. Please?!)

I’ll continue to add to this as more silly quotes are found. Again, just because.

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