20. August 2007 · Comments Off on Just For Fun · Categories: Ramble

So I watched Feist My Moon My Man (thanks to aworks), and it got me to thinking …

Some complain about opera because they don’t understand the words. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, they also complain about the “warbling voices” and the style of the music, but I’m not going there right now.)

I dunno. I listen to “non-classical music” (What do I call this music? “Pop” insults some. “Alternative” just seems silly to me. My problem I’m sure.) and I don’t always understand the words. I hadn’t a clue what some of the words were to “My Moon My Man” and I probably wouldn’t have understand the words, “my moon my man,” either except that the title was given. I still liked it. It created a mood. It did what, I think, it was supposed to do. I’m fine with that.

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