20. August 2007 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I have a fantastic wardrobe. These shoes are by Louis Vuitton, and the dress is by Escada, who are dressing me for events and giving me many clothes for free. I never have this feeling like before: “Oh, I don’t have anything to wear.” Now I think I do have!

If I have rehearsals, I am running because I will be late, probably. If I have a performance, the whole day is free. I go to see a movie, or to the museums. I am reading books, and magazines like Hello! and Style Watch, about the stars.

I keep thinking we’ll finally get to the punch line of this article. Thinking we’ll see that it was someone’s funny little joke.

Alas, I think it is the real thing.

But I still am puzzling over it all. Very bizarre. (And vocalists think we are unkind when we suggest they are … well … a bit “off”. 😉

Pause and double pause … I go back and forth … is this is all some sort of huge prank?

(Seen first via Sidney Chen’s site, The Standing Room.)


  1. Maybe the purpose of the interview–the non-intellectual way goes through her day, thinks about her food, clothes, and drinks, and hob-nobs with celebrities, is a ploy to get people who are not interested in opera to go and see her, or at least know that she is as approachable as any other “star” out in the far reaches of the world where instrumental musicians rarely tread.

    She has a lovely voice, and she is very beautiful to look at. From what I have heard of her (and only on videos and recordings–never live: we don’t live anywhere near the houses she sings in) her musicianship would not earn her the “greatest living soprano” tag in my book.

  2. I hadn’t thought about the purpose, Elaine. Good point.

    I do wonder, though, about the microphone line. That seems so distasteful to me. In several ways.

    Maybe that’s just my problem, though.