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Finally, he says his next solo show is going to be all about playing the oboe and plans to take up reed-making again.

Read here.

Now I must confess I’ve never seen nor heard Josh Kornbluth. I suppose this should make me feel ashamed, but I know so little about him I don’t even know if shame is appropriate. (I know, for instance, that I would be ashamed to admit I’ve not heard certain works or composers. But I’m not going to tell you what and whom.) Yes, I sort of know who he is, but only sort of. My neighbor said, a few years back that their son shared a dorm room with, I think, Kornbluth’s son. But maybe I’m wrong about that. Anyone know if he had a son at Princeton? He went there, so I guess it’s logical that his son—if he even has a son—went there as well. Yes?

—time lapse—

Well, yes, reading over at his site I see he not only has a son, but he has a “wonderful son”. But we aren’t given his age or his educational status.

But I ramble.

In any case, while I don’t know much about the guy, I’d recognize him and I’d certainly love to hear him do a show all about oboe!

Mesmerizing, I’m sure.

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