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Sometimes I dream with a soundtrack. Sometimes I dream as a musical. I just woke up after dealing with both.

The first dream was something sad. I can’t even remember what it was, but the soundtrack was quite weepy. These kinds of dreams always exhaust me, and tend to make me start the day in a rather melancholy way, even when I can’t remember what the dream was about.

The second was a musical. Or at least part of it was—it began without music, so maybe the “musical” part is only because I was attending some sort of production.

Who knows how the dream began (it’s all a blur), but I do remember a pastor of a church I used to attend coming in with an oboe he wanted to show me. A very ODD oboe! It was metal (for some reason this didn’t shock me at first), and each section sat on metal platforms with wheels … together they formed a train, which you could run with a remote. Um. Okay. I played around with it, and managed to run it into some kind of little building. (I guess it also came with the rest of the train oboe set.) I then explained to him that it wasn’t a bad oboe (I had apparently played it) but that I preferred wood. He was somewhat defensive. Kelsey, our daughter, was there. I can’t even remember why now.

After that I was at a restaurant. Brandon, our older son, was also there. I was eating alone, but watching him. I got up, finally to leave, and the waitress had to chase after me to pay. So I sat back down (I hadn’t tried to cheat her; I simply forgot!) Suddenly Brandon and a bunch of friends were dancing … as in STOMP kind of dancing, with brooms. And kind of rapping as well. I kept trying to take pictures with my phone, but couldn’t remember how.

Eventually I wound up somewhere else and a girl Jameson, our younger son, knows was singing in some sort of bizarre musical. (I still have the song in my head as I type.) Then there were a bunch of children surrounding her, and she and the children sang … but we couldn’t hear them because they were using a recording and the cranked it up. All we could hear were the singers in the recording. (Was this a tie-in to the church part of the dream? Maybe: my old church used recordings for their “musicals” and we could always hear the recorded voices.) Jameson—looking nothing like himself but, rather, like my brother Greg—got up and stood right next to his friend to hear her.

I remember nothing else. I think I woke up.


Why post these? Well, just because I can. And they are about music. Sort of.

Anyone else dream with soundtracks?

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