22. August 2007 · Comments Off on Keeping Quiet · Categories: Ramble

Douglas Sanford, the conductor of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, has launched a defamation lawsuit against several of his own players.

“They passed out some information that eventually went out across the country that had some things in there that are just absolutely untrue,” Sanford said Tuesday.


Sometimes we orchestra folk get annoyed with conductors. Sometimes it’s justified, and sometimes it’s not. But it’s very wise to keep one’s mouth shut unless it is absolutely vital to tell tales. And they’d better not only be true, but verifiable.

I know nothing about this conductor or his orchestra. Who knows where the truth lies. But it’s a good reminder to keep my mouth shut! (Or keep my fingers still.)

And shortly after I wrote this I got a most hostile (with lots of words in caps) comment from a post I wrote a while back. Even when I think I’m being nice (or funny) I manage to anger someone. Go figure. 🙁 (For once I’m not entirely stressed about the comment, though; the writer didn’t seem to really understand what I was saying, and while a name was given, it doesn’t appear to be real.)