you mean Bernstein’s “Mambo” from West Side Story can be fun?! Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra think so. (Scroll down and you’ll see the video. Please do watch it!)

Located via Deceptively Simple.

(For the next few days you can listen to the full concert by going here and looking for Prom 48.)


  1. That was amazing. I always think that “Mambo” is fun but that was more than I expected.

  2. I’m guessing this was their encore, and that they didn’t do this during the actual performances of the dances, when they did the complete suite.

    They sure look like they are having a great time! Kind of how we should look, maybe, when we are having a great time, eh? (Of course I’ve played the Symphonic Dances and NOT had a great time … but I won’t go into that publicly. 🙂

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