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San Francisco Symphony finally chose a principal horn player. Audition after audition and they simply couldn’t find anyone who was right. But now they have. With no audition. Of course since he’s been playing principal there for the past 7 years, I’m guessing everyone knows he can do the job, eh? So Robert Ward is the new … or is it old? … principal horn. Congratulations!


Now we’ll wait on Principal Viola, Principal Trombone, and Principal Trumpet. I’m guessing it won’t be a 7 year wait though.

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The conductor of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra is suing some of its musicians, saying they accused him of abuse, stalking musicians, working under the influence of alcohol and intentionally sabotaging performances.

I wrote about this yesterday, but today we are getting more of the story.

But oh my, can you even come close to imagining a conductor who might abuse and stalk the musicians. Or drink? Or intentionally sabotage a performance?

Yeah. I know.

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So the Music Department at the University of Pittsburgh has a blog. I’m gonna have to check it out. I think it’s kind of cool.

AND the Giants just won their game against the Cubs. Too darn cool.

Now I’m off to practice. Which is, of course, the extreme of coolness.

Or not.

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The trio is on tour in Greenland, where you don’t find cornfields — 80 percent of the land lies under ice — and where the local language, Inupik, doesn’t have a word for oboe. (The Inupik word for “bird song,” used to describe the flute, will have to suffice.)

I say call an oboe an oboe. Not that I’m opposed to “bird song” … except that describes a flute and what oboe wants to be described like a flute? I asked both of my oboes and they said, “No thanks.” I’ll bet yours will too. Or maybe your instrument(s) will say hautbois, hobo, hoboj, obo, or some such thing, eh?

I read about Trio La Milpa and their trip to Greenland after visiting this blog entry by Letter V.

I’d love to put together the Beethoven works for a recital. Doing so, though, takes time and work. So I’m just waiting for someone else to do the work and plan the times and then I’m there.

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or Rockin’ to Rigoletto.

(But no oboes? Can’t be opera then. Sorry.)

Okay … this made me laugh.

I know, I know, they are serious about their art. But when the guy is singing la Donna e Mobile he just looks so darn cute and serious and I think of the song in the context of the opera and … well … never mind. Better just to stop there, eh?

It also reminds me of my old church. We had to add drums to things. It was the way to make things “relevant” and up to date.

At the same time, I’m guessing a lot of people will go and hear the group and say, “Now that is good opera!” (I say this from past experience of hearing people talk as they left pops concerts.)

And how lucky is it that the band found drop deal gorgeous girls to play the strings?

Yeah, I’m cynical. But so is the song.

If you go to YouTube and do a search on East Village Opera Company you’ll find a lot more videos (Well lookee there, I did it for you!). I’m going to leave it at that. You can judge the videos for yourself. Oh, but you should probably see and hear the Overture just for fun … and to prepare you for it all.

Actually, this just seems like Mannheim Steamroller kind of stuff to me.

(I’ll stick to this. Or this. Or should it be … drum roll … THIS?!)

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… and sometimes, sob sob, it just hurts.

Or not.

But here’s one for you:

Tom Brady’s one-day-old son already hates football and wants to play the oboe.

I read it here.

Heh. Funny.

And no, I don’t actually read celebrity blogs. (And the one I’ve linked to is pretty lame; I honestly don’t care what these people look like in bikinis.) I don’t know who Bridget Moynahan is either. Should I? Am I exposing my nerdliness (should that be with an “i” or a “y”?) to all of you? Are you ashamed to know me?

But I get these emails … my news alerts send me anything that includes the word “oboe”. So now I know about this baby. And his very, very good taste, even at one day old. 😉

Why is “oboe” always the punch line, anyway?