23. August 2007 · Comments Off on Always the Punch Line · Categories: Ramble

… and sometimes, sob sob, it just hurts.

Or not.

But here’s one for you:

Tom Brady’s one-day-old son already hates football and wants to play the oboe.

I read it here.

Heh. Funny.

And no, I don’t actually read celebrity blogs. (And the one I’ve linked to is pretty lame; I honestly don’t care what these people look like in bikinis.) I don’t know who Bridget Moynahan is either. Should I? Am I exposing my nerdliness (should that be with an “i” or a “y”?) to all of you? Are you ashamed to know me?

But I get these emails … my news alerts send me anything that includes the word “oboe”. So now I know about this baby. And his very, very good taste, even at one day old. 😉

Why is “oboe” always the punch line, anyway?

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