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Opera? Musical Theatre? Jazz?

Yeah, I know, these are labels and can kind of be tossed around. Or tossed out.

But because of my lack of intelligence when it comes to jazz (I really know next to nothing) I can’t answer Nat’s question, when she asked in response to my jazz opera post: “Wasn’t Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess a jazz opera?”

I’ve always thought jazz needed improvisation. Or at least the feel of such. And yet I know there are these pieces that are “jazz” which, I suppose, are all “prepared improvisation” … or are they? And if one utilizes aspects of jazz do we then call the work jazz, or just “uses jazz idioms”? Is Stravinsky jazz sometimes?

I’m not asking this sarcastically. I think some people think I’m being sarcastic when I’m not. (I know, it’s hard to tell since I bounce back and forth!) Of course I also think some folks are angry at me, or putting me down, when, perhaps, they really aren’t. It’s hard to communicate with tone of voice in print.

So … all you wise ones … fill me in!

Yikes! Gotta get ready to teach ….

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It’s “back to school” time for a lot of folks. This means my studio is getting back to normal, and today I have all three students, one of whom has been away all summer. I’m really looking forward to my usual Saturday morning schedule. (I don’t teach in the afternoon because of matinees, although those are getting few and far between so I might reconsider this policy.)

Then I need to clean … at least a little! … because I am going to have some visitors! Yep, Cooper and his wife are driving down. He says we’ll play duets until we drop. Truth be told, I planned on handing him some garden gloves, sending him to the back yard, and locking all my doors. Hmmm. Do you think he didn’t understand? 😉

I’m looking forward to the visit, even while being nervous. (And yes, I’ve told him I’m nervous, so he won’t be surprised to read this.) I’m just such a hermit.

But I think I’ll have Dan take some pictures (Oh Daaaan?!) to prove we did meet, and who knows, maybe a quick video (but that’s doubtful). And perhaps Cooper can fix ALL of my reeds.

After the yard work.


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… but wouldn’t Water Music have been more appropriate for this instrument?