26. August 2007 · Comments Off on It’s True · Categories: Ramble, Reed Blogs

Cooper knows reeds. Cooper really knows reeds.

And he taught me more in the hours we spent yesterday (feels like today, but that’s because insomnia has hit again and it’s 1:20 AM) than the lifetime I’ve spent on reeds already.

Cooper and Namju (his wife) arrived around 3:30 today. We set in almost immediately on reeds and all things oboe and English horn. Unfortunately duets didn’t happen; the reeds were simply calling and what can you do but answer? I showed Cooper (somewhat reluctantly, as I know how poorly I make reeds) a couple of my recent attempts. One wasn’t able to be saved (due to gouge, according to Cooper) but the other … well … I have a reed now!

Actually, I have reeds. Both oboe and English horn. And I like them. Very much.

Turns out that while I thought I had carved far too much on my reeds, I simply hadn’t gone far enough. Who’da thunk it?

Cooper is a maniac with the knife. He truly can make a reed in under 30 minutes. I was astounded to watch him work. (Humbled too, but that wasn’t any surprise.)

He’s also a great teacher, and I see a future in education for the man.

Oh. And he’s nice. And incredibly generous.

Speaking of generous … Dan and Namju put up with our entire afternoon and evening of reeds. And Dan cooked a wonderful meal for us too.

I think we are both blessed with great spouses. (Or should the plural of spouse be spice?)

Okay. Enough for now. I’m tired. I SO want to sleep. I’m going to give it another go.

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