27. August 2007 · Comments Off on I Don’t Think So · Categories: Ramble, You Gotta Be Kidding

I just read that Sir ALW’s Phantom of the Opera has been called “God’s gift to the musical theatre.”

Is that ridiculous? I sure think so.

I’ve never understood why folks get so enamored with that musical. Sure, it’s quite the spectacle, but musically it’s “meh” and there’s no character development as far as I can see. To me it is one of the HollowMusicals™. Of all ALW’s works, I suppose I like Evita the best. Maybe just because I find it the most fun to play. But I wouldn’t call any of his stuff a gift from God.

According to the link above, Portland Opera is presenting this musical. Sigh. I can imagine an opera company bringing in Sondheim or Bernstein. But PotO? All I can say is, “Oh dear….” I guess they aren’t thinking, though, of quality, but merely of big hits. I’d prefer an opera company to be a bit pickier. I’m silly that way.

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