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… who searched on: classical music sounds like ballet lots of oboe … my first guess is Swan Lake by Tchaikovksy.

Just in case you check here again.

For the one who wondered where you put your fingers on an oboe: left hand is on top, right thumb holds the oboe. It’s pretty easy to see where the three main keys are for index, middle and ring fingers. The right ring finger hits two different keys, one being used only for F. The pinkies get to play several different keys. Mostly one at a time. 🙂 Your left thumb plays the bottom octave key when necessary, and the crook of your index finger hits the side octave key. Your fingers should curve (although I confess that my ring fingers are a bit straighter). Keep your fingers as close to the keys as possible … as if they are each have magnets that attract them to the keys. No “piggy back rides” for fingers (don’t have one finger hitching a ride on another when not in use). Hope this helps!

For the one who wanted to know an orchestra oboist salary … it varies far too much to give you any kind of number. Some make a good living. Some don’t.

For “oboe reed is buzzy” searcher. Well, my first guess would be that your tip needs clipping, but how does it crow? You might check in with Cooper, master reed maker.

And to the person searching on sheet music for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon, I recommend going to TrevCo Music because you can plug in specific instrumentation. Jeanné Inc. is also a good place to go. She has a chamber music page, where you can click on different group sizes.

Or you could try searching here:

Finally, to the person searching for Patti Mitchell. That ain’t me; I spell my name with a “y”. As in “Why, why why?” 😉

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