30. August 2007 · 5 comments · Categories: Ramble

We oboists worry about reeds. A lot. But I had never thought about guitarists, and the problem with fingernails. Sure, I know strings can break. But nails? Just hadn’t ever entered my mind.

I wonder if people with weak nails that have permanent splits running down them simply can’t play guitar. (Yeah, I’m talking about me.) Or I guess we’d have to do fake nails. I don’t do nails. Period. I’m lazy that way.

Anyway, just a little tidbit about a different instrument.

I do love guitar, and particularly (no surprise here) Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez, which I’ve played it at least three times. Yeah, playing the wonderful English horn part. Great stuff!


  1. My former guitar teacher used to fix his carefully-cultivated nails with crazy glue.

  2. If only reeds could be repaired in the same manner!

  3. As someone else with a guitar degree from NEC, who has pretty much quit playing (there is another guy who has started again, wrote a book, and has been publizing it everywhere), I’d say the obsessional worry is nails and strings. I am still very careful with my nails.

  4. Kenneth Woods once told me he couldn’t have been a guitarist because he wouldn’t be able to deal with all the nail issues.
    I understand exactly where he’s coming from!

  5. Maybe playing guitar would have cured me of nail biting. I wonder.