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After yesterday I was hoping today would be a great deal clearer when it came to our parts. I always carry sticky notes with me to rehearsals and concerts; they are great to quickly attach to pages with problems. Yesterday, when we had completed the OSJ rehearsal of Lucia di Lammermoor there were a number of sticky notes, pointing out where I needed clarification about articulation.

Today my part was put on the stand somewhat close to rehearsal time. “Great,” I thought, “it’s been fixed!”

But not all of it.

I guess whoever was marking the part thought by simply writing “yes” on the sticky notes I would know what to slur. And at one point, where I have a whole note A repeated measure after measure he wrote, “Tie”.

Sure. Okay. But for how long? Do I articulate at all? And where do the slurs begin and end (as I clearly asked on the front of the book)?

As for everyone else’s books? It appeared they hadn’t even been touched. I guess mine only got attention because of all my obnoxious sticky notes.

Sometimes I get pretty darn angry. But of course I hold it in for the most part. And I never name names.

But … to whoever decided to half-mark my part … what would you like? Shall I give the music half the effort as you did? 🙁

Okay. Rant over.

For now.

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