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Last night Anthony Quartuccio, the conductor of Lucia, took care of my book. Whew. It is finally nearly correct. (It’s Kalmus, so completely correct isn’t something I’ll ever write!) Still, it shouldn’t have been Tony’s responsibility; we need a librarian!

Lucia di Lammermoor isn’t much of an oboe opera, as anyone who has heard it knows. I have one nice little solo. That’s about it. The flute rules of course.

Speaking of flutes … I wore a skirt to yesterday’s rehearsal. It has a split in the front. Well, when sitting down I was just a bit uncomfortable. Too much leg showing for yours truly. So I was fidgeting and fussing with it. The flutists both said they liked the skirt and that it was sexy.


THAT was the problem.

I’m an oboe player. Duh. So I took the skirt twisted it around, and put the slit on the side.

Without a single stitch sewn I managed to turn an FluteSkirt™ into an OboeSkirt™! 😉

Oh … and to whoever was searching on “English horn Lucia Lammermoor” … nope. No EH at all in this one.

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