Sorry, no words. And for a clarinet work, too. How bout that?

But really … just watch and listen.

Cooper and I. Busy, busy, busy.

Yes, we really did get together. And yes, we did work on reeds.

We also laughed. A lot.

Cooper & I, Working on Reeds

And much of the time Cooper did the work while I watched.

Cooper & I #2

Photos courtesy of Dan Mitchell. (Thanks, Dan, for taking these! And especially for not making me look too heavy!)

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(Double your MQOD—or Teachout—pleasure today, folks.)

For my part, I have no idea whether Gilbert is a great conductor or even a good one. I have never seen him conduct, or listened to any of the handful of recordings he has made to date. Nothing that I read about his Philharmonic concerts made me feel any urgent need to go and hear them. To be sure, he performs an impressive variety of interesting compositions, but it is not necessary for me to visit Avery Fisher Hall, or anywhere else, to hear interesting orchestral music. All I have to do is go to my CD shelf, or boot up my computer and download still more recorded music from iTunes.

-Terry Teachout (RTWT

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Might the decline and fall of jazzed-up classics be yet another early-warning signal of trouble ahead for our beleaguered symphony orchestras? I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyone who cares about the fate of classical music in America must remember that it cannot survive without the support of a democratic public that appreciates its beauty and believes in its significance.

-Terry Teachout (RTWT)