Cooper and I. Busy, busy, busy.

Yes, we really did get together. And yes, we did work on reeds.

We also laughed. A lot.

Cooper & I, Working on Reeds

And much of the time Cooper did the work while I watched.

Cooper & I #2

Photos courtesy of Dan Mitchell. (Thanks, Dan, for taking these! And especially for not making me look too heavy!)


  1. Why do I look so fat? Oh wait a minute… doh…

    I arrived back in Eugene safely about 30 minutes ago. Just need to get healthy now.

  2. Silly you … you don’t look fat!

    I’m just relieved that Dan didn’t get a good picture of my thunder thighs. Whew!


    Thanks for letting me know you are home safely. DO get well quickly.

    And what happened with your shaper tips?

  3. Oh. We just came back to our apartment which isn’t unpacked yet and I rustled through a couple of boxes and BOOM! There it was! Waiting for me. How silly!

  4. I am SO glad to read this, Cooper! I was worried. (My normal state, I guess … yeah?)