After our orchestra rehearsal and the two sitzprobes (we have two casts), we finally ran Lucia di Lammermoore tonight. I’m always anxious to run the opera straight through, and I actually enjoyed myself! I was still correcting problems in my part through the run, but I think I’ve got them all now. From what I can hear, the singers sound great. I sure wish I could see it. Rats.

Walking back to my car* it was clear that the night life in downtown San Jose is growing. I was surprised by the number of people who appeared to be going to a club as I was leaving for home.

*OSJ has provided us with parking but the walk is pretty darn far, so I’m searching for free parking before I go into the lot they have told us to use. (Not that that lot was even available tonight; I guess no one could even get in!) I often wonder why, when they remodeled the California, they didn’t think about performer’s parking. Sigh. Maybe I’m dreaming; maybe other opera companies don’t provide parking for their performers. Anyone out there want to fill me in?