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Pavarotti has died.

(The old San Jose Symphony performed with him, and I also played with San Francisco Opera—one of those arena concerts—some years prior to the SJS performance. That was the first time I ever understood what the “roar of a crowd” could be. It was deafening.)

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Opera star Luciano Pavarotti’s health has worsened and he is in a “very serious” condition, Italian media say.

This certainly sounds bad, if the news report is correct.

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My idea is to sell art music not so much as a grand tradition at which we must kneel, but as a wildly varied, living thing that is busily absorbing life in the third millennium.

-Tom Strini, RTWT

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And this blog entry is about Paul Dateh being “a Hip Hop violinist” rather than “THE HIP HOP VIOLINIST”. Yeah, it made me laugh.

It’s all about the definite and indefinite, yes? (And “THE” HHV is a bit more about sexy, I do believe.)

I do think, though, I should trademark “The pattYOboe”. It just has a special ring to it, you know? And I like the “YO” in the middle just because I’m goofy that way.

If you want to see and hear Paul Dateh he’s right here. Nice!

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To be a good listener, you must acquire a musical culture, as in literature. You must be familiar with the history and development of music. To receive music, you have to open the ears and wait, not for Godot, but for the music, and to feel that it is something you need. Others let the ears be present and they don’t make an effort to understand. To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also.

-Igor Stravinsky

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Aw rats. Another good singer will be departing OSJ, although not until the end of the season. You can read about Christopher Bengochea in a rather brief article (does it feel as if it’s edited and sliced up to other readers?), but it really doesn’t say much. Just come here him at Lucia di Lammermoor. Yes?

Udpate … ah-hah! I just checked and the article is now complete. How ’bout that?!

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CNN has an article about a new CD of the completed Corigliano Red Violin Concerto with the forever young looking Joshua Bell.

After putting up with an ad, you can hear some of the concerto here (with Bell, the Baltimore Symphony with Marin Alsop as well.) Just seeing those microphones starts to make my stomach church; I find recording can turn me into a true pattymess™.

We played the Chaconne (the first movement) a couple of years ago. It was a challenge; heavily orchestrated in places and I’m not sure how well the violin carried over us. (But then I never know about things like that, sitting in nearly the very middle of all that sound!)

Included on the CD is Corigliano’s Sonata for Violin and Piano, played by, again, Bell, plus a name many of you will recognize not only as a pianist, but as the excellent blogger at think denk, Jeremy Denk. Nice!