When I was younger—and that wasn’t all that long ago!—I’d come home from work at night and have a bowl of Cheerios. I know, I know, I should be more sophisticated. But I’m not.

Alas, now I come home and only get to yearn for a bowl of Cheerios.

How I long for the good old days, when eating this late at night didn’t mean I’d be pacing the floors all night long.

I guess the question is, now that an iron supplement seems to be helping my RLS problem, might I be able to reintroduce a bowl of cereal to my night?

I’m too scared to try it, though. So oh well.

We just finished our final dress rehearsal of Lucia. Now it’s on to the eight performances, which run through the next three weeks. I’d prefer the run to be more compact, but no one asked me.

I think the production is fairly good, but a bit on the draggy side. Music needs to move. It shouldn’t be stagnant. And I’m feeling some stagnant moments. I think some people mistake slowing down for expressiveness. To me it becomes rather muddy. Certainly there are times for a nice ritardando, but not all the time! Ah well. Again, no one asked me. (But then I’d even take the Star Spangled Banner faster than it went tonight. Maybe it’s just my problem …?)

I saw Mike after the show. (Hi Mike! Thanks for taking the time to yak with me!) It’s always fun to see someone I know after a performance. Somehow it makes the performance more meaningful … or something … I guess. 🙂

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Some British musicians sent the Pope an iPod with some tunes.

Think he’ll go for ’em? I’m doubting it.

An authentic updating of sacred music cannot occur except in line with the great tradition of the past.

-Pope Benedict

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Eddie Silva’s doctor may think anyone affiliated with his orchestra is royalty … but the doctor I saw when I had hand woes? He just asked what I did for a real job.


I can’t believe I could speak ill of Apple, but it seems my lovely MacBook, which is, of course 1 year and 1 month old (thus, out of warranty) will no longer burn CDs. (And yes, I bought new CD-Rs, to make sure it wasn’t a bad brand or batch.)

Alas, this is sad news. I have some emusic downloads I can’t put on to CD. I guess I’ll have to buy a new car that has an iPod hookup.

Or something.

(What I did for now was to download the tracks again on a different computer and burn the disk from there, but that’s a bit of a pain.)

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For old folkies, there is Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There, in which a starry cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger portray the many facets of Bob Dylan.

For old rockers, Murray Lerner has assembled his documentary Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who, which has the blessing of founding member Pete Townshend.

And, for old opera queens, there is Callas Assoluta, a new documentary by Philippe Kohly that looks at the life, music and fabulous gowns of legendary opera diva Maria Callas. Right after Toronto, the film will get simultaneous screenings at the Palais Garnier in Paris and Teatro alla Scala in Milan on Sept. 16 to mark the 30th anniversary of Callas’s death.


I’m sorry, but I’m not an “old opera queen”. At least not according to the definition of “opera queen” that I’ve read. Am I missing something? Is there another definition? Are they just trying to be witty? I can’t relate. Heck, I don’t even fit the “old” part. Or do I …? 🙁

Read elsewhere: Strauss Oboe Concerto . . . It Rocks!

Now that I can relate to! 🙂

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Many (all?) readers here know about my love of baseball. And obviously (I hope!) you know I have a love for music as well. So an opera about baseball is my cuppa! The story is about the not-nearly-well-known-enough Josh Gibson. It’s begin presented by American Opera Projects.

I love that the portion of the unfinished opera was done out in the street. It seems it would be an opera for the people. Maybe the first full production could be broadcast on baseball scoreboard, like this opera?