I do believe it is, but perhaps it’s just wishful thinking since I actually like the solo. (You have to listen about 3/4 of the way in, but there’s a bit of an important oboe ditty there!)

Remember when I blogged about Christopher Bengochea? Turns out the article also includes two audio links. Not that we were asked ….

I checked Mr. Bengochea’s site, and the only listings for these operas is with Opera San José. From the sound of both the clips, and if these are truly OSJ, I am guessing they were done during a rehearsal. I know that some of the singers bring in mini tape recorders during these rehearsals so they can listen to themselves. (No, they aren’t supposed to, but I’ve seen ’em.)

The first clip is “Ah! lève-toi, soleil!,” Romeo’s aria from Romeo et Juliette and the second is “Che gelida manina,” Rodolfo’s aria from La Bohème.

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According to one blog, classical music will help you solve a sudoku puzzle.

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Steve Jobs has a message for those iPhone folks who bought early. (Why anyone would have paid that much for a phone is beyond me, but I’m not rich!) Now maybe he’ll come over to my house and fix up my MacBook.

Heh. I can dream, can’t I?

Speaking of dreaming … I dreamt I had quintuplets. Yikes! Three girls (which I knew would make our sister-less Kelsey happy) and two boys. All 6 pounds. And yet I only saw one baby in the crib. Go figure. I then had to decide whether to play the symphony set (with my first professional conductor, George Cleve, and the old San Jose Symphony) which included Debussy’s Prelude to Afternoon of a Faun. I did decide to go. After all, I’d miraculously lost all my baby weight. But I knew I was definitely not ready to play the work. (It’s not a biggie for EH, but there’s one trill there that I’ve always hated to play!)

Now I’m a bit tired and sore. Probably from delivering quintuplets.