08. September 2007 · Comments Off on An October Recital & Opera · Categories: Ramble

I think I’m scheduled to play Quiet City at a recital on October 24, but so far no one is communicating about rehearsing the thing. Hmmm. Guess time will tell.

The UCSC Faculty Recital is scheduled and in print, so I know that one had better happen! Guess we ought to start thinking about rehearsal scheduled, eh? You can see the preliminary poster here. I hope it’s preliminary anyway, as I see a bit of a glitch on it. Or maybe it’s just my glitchy eyes …?

Opera San José’s Lucia di Lammermoor opening night is tonight. This is an opera which makes me thankful I’m an oboist rather than a flutist. Being a flutist can drive a person mad. If you know what I mean.

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