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Today’s Lucia di Lammermoor went quite well. The audience may have been a bit less enthusiastic than last night’s, but that’s a Sunday afternoon for you. I’m very impressed with both casts.

Last night’s performance has now been reviewed* and our principal flutist, Isabelle Chapuis, got a nice, and well deserved mention.

*article no longer available

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Q: In the way the quarterback is the most important player on the field, who is the most important person in an orchestra?

A: The concert master, the first violinist. But an orchestra, like a football team, has so many sections. There are strings (and) woodwinds. You have brass and percussion. There are a lot of leaders in an orchestra. The principal oboist is the moral authority of the wind section. The principal violinist has the authority to serve as the go-between for the orchestra and conductor.


Yes. Indeed. I’ve always felt as if I’m the moral authority. But only of the wind section?! Heck no! I’m the moral authority of … drum roll please … the WORLD.

And I say this in all humility. (I still want to get myself a t-shirt that says “More Humble Than You”.

Tee hee.