You really MUST read this blog entry!

Scroll down. Way down. Get to the yellow poster, and read the list of composers and their works. See any problems?

Okay, some folks might not; if you aren’t a music lover or musician, you might just accept it all as fact. But read the comment about it and you’ll get the joke. (Unintended as it was.)

I am good at spotting typos in everything but my own writing (go figure!). These poster problems are doozies. (I’m being told “doozies” isn’t a word. Hmmm. What IS the plural of “doozy”? Oh. Wait. They don’t think “doozy” is a word either. Hmmm.) I think for a second career I’d like to be a “Doozy Discoverer”. I wonder how it would pay. Having a son at the ever-increasing-tuition UCSC, I could use a second job. 😉

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I just found out that the San Francisco Symphony has a Tour Blog. You’d think that I would have known about this already. Gee. How did I miss this?

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I said something to someone the other day that was purely speculation. It was, in fact, not even wise speculation. But I said it. It was stupid, catty, and entirely unnecessary. It didn’t follow with my own rule of “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?” But I said it. And now I despise myself for it.

I hate being wrong, and I especially hate doing stupid things. There is no excuse.

So here I am, feeling bad. So, just to make myself feel better I suppose, may I remind everyone else—mostly just to remind myself!—to be careful when you open your mouths. (Or, of course, when you type.) Trust me.

At the symphony retreat today I was so proud of myself, talking as if I never “blog dumb” or “blog wrongly” and then I realize what I SPOKE and, well, this is my public confession. It’s humiliating, but there you go.

I hate it when I fail at my own rules!

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… if only I lived in NYC. But if any readers do, check this out. The Met is offering free tickets to the final dress rehearsal of Lucia.

Of course if you live here, you’ll just have to attend Opera San José’s production instead! No, the tickets aren’t free, but it’s worth spending the bucks. 🙂

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I am just home from a “symphony retreat” for Symphony Silicon Valley. I have to say it was the most productive, rewarding, and honest meeting I’ve ever attended. It included people from management, the board, and some musicians.

How uplifting, don’t you think?! 🙂

Oh … and Jennifer Watkins? This blog’s for you!

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I located an orchestra in India and have posted it on my Eurasian Double Reed Players page.

Don’t forget that I have those lists! (For now all the links are down at the bottom left hand side of my main page.) If you have orchestras to add, please let me know. I know I have some updating to do as well.

For instance: Hearty congratulations to my friend Jason Sudduth who landed the oboe 2/EH position in Omaha Symphony recently. Woo hoo! I’ll have to update that one, for sure. (I do like to wait until the online roster is updated, in order to be “safe” about the changes and not offend any outgoing players.)