You really MUST read this blog entry!

Scroll down. Way down. Get to the yellow poster, and read the list of composers and their works. See any problems?

Okay, some folks might not; if you aren’t a music lover or musician, you might just accept it all as fact. But read the comment about it and you’ll get the joke. (Unintended as it was.)

I am good at spotting typos in everything but my own writing (go figure!). These poster problems are doozies. (I’m being told “doozies” isn’t a word. Hmmm. What IS the plural of “doozy”? Oh. Wait. They don’t think “doozy” is a word either. Hmmm.) I think for a second career I’d like to be a “Doozy Discoverer”. I wonder how it would pay. Having a son at the ever-increasing-tuition UCSC, I could use a second job. 😉


  1. Patty, I think we need to find you some more amusement…

  2. What? You didn’t think that was funny? Huh?

    Maybe I’m not understanding …?

  3. Oops! Are you talking about “Strauss” Short Ride in a Fast Machine? Doesn’t sound much like Strauss to me. Adams wouldn’t be happy either.

  4. Oh, ok. I just read the paragraph below the poster. (Note to self: don’t comment on people’s blogs at 2:30am. Your brain is not functioning.)