10. September 2007 · Comments Off on When I Fail · Categories: Ramble

I said something to someone the other day that was purely speculation. It was, in fact, not even wise speculation. But I said it. It was stupid, catty, and entirely unnecessary. It didn’t follow with my own rule of “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?” But I said it. And now I despise myself for it.

I hate being wrong, and I especially hate doing stupid things. There is no excuse.

So here I am, feeling bad. So, just to make myself feel better I suppose, may I remind everyone else—mostly just to remind myself!—to be careful when you open your mouths. (Or, of course, when you type.) Trust me.

At the symphony retreat today I was so proud of myself, talking as if I never “blog dumb” or “blog wrongly” and then I realize what I SPOKE and, well, this is my public confession. It’s humiliating, but there you go.

I hate it when I fail at my own rules!

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