11. September 2007 · Comments Off on Computer-less · Categories: Ramble

Not that I don’t have a computer, but I don’t have mine!

Apple is doing right—or more than right—by me; they are repairing my computer so it will again burn CDs. As has been the case in the past, I’m impressed with their service. (Not that I’ve had something go wrong after the warranty just expired, but when I’ve gone in with problems they have always been patient, polite, and helpful.)

As I drove away, I realized that 1) I can’t retrieve email from any accounts but the .mac and ucsc ones because this family computer isn’t set up for the planetmitchell accounts and 2) my calendar is on my computer and the one on this isn’t quite up to date. In addition, any email I should have responded to will now have to wait.

I just wasn’t thinking they’d take the computer right then; I assumed they’d tell me how much I’d have to pay and I’d say, “Oh well, I’ll have to do without the burn capability.”

Silly me … should have thought positively, eh? What a surprise that I didn’t!

But anyway, hoorah for Apple! They have a very satisfied customer.

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