Musician Trading Cards. This isn’t a new idea, and when I heard from someone who did this years ago he said it didn’t work at all for their organization. But maybe people are ready for them now; they sound like they are a hit in Houston.

I like the idea! As long as I wouldn’t have to don a baseball uniform. I think that would show off my far too heavy body. And maybe I could have a makeup artist fix the face too. And take years off my life. And, and, and …

Still … I think this would be great fun. I notice they don’t have percentages on the cards, though. Hmmm. If we batted even .500 we’d be outa the game!


  1. I think we should create some of our own as bloggers – we can then post them and share with friends/fans!

  2. Oooh … blogger cards. Yes! Great idea!

    Of course if we start putting down our stats I might start to envy those who get tons of hits. And who knows what that might do to me, eh? (Would I put a hit on those who get more hits? Heh. Just kidding of course.)