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The following links are to the oboe/EH trio written by John Marvin. If anyone can provide players’ names I’d love to know! I’m wondering if this was done at the latest IDRS convention. Just an idea … maybe a poor guess. (SEE UPDATE BELOW!)

Gee, I’d love to do this work sometime! Any takers? (But I do hate playing standing up; I’d opt for the seated version of the work.)

For those of you who aren’t aware of water in keys … the English hornist has to blow into one of her keys in the first video. This is to blow any water out. These days I’ve been getting tons of water in my oboe’s top octave key. That’s what happens when cold air blows on the instrument—and me—and I’m blowing warm air through a very small bore. Sigh.

THE ANSWER (Thanks to the person who posted the videos, I believe.):
Here are the names of the fine players from the video: 1st oboe is Lara Wickes, 2nd oboe is Kate Green and English horn is played by Lindsay Edwards. Kudos to all of you … and drop me a line sometime! 🙂

I still don’t know, though, when this all took place. Or if there is more. (I want more!)

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