I’ve blogged before about the very fine English horn player, Julie Ann Giacobassi. She is the former English horn player of San Francisco Symphony, and still has her site, Fish Creek Music up and running. I’m assuming she will continue to give recitals and masterclasses, and if and when she does I’ll post information here. (So far I’ve not been able to attend her recitals; I’m really hoping she does more so I can finally get to some.)

Since eat, sleep, oboe has asked about suggestions for her recital that are for English horn, I thought I’d blog about Julie, and recommend that not only eso, but anyone else who is interested, check out this list of works that does include some things for English horn alone or with piano. Check it out!

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(Thanks DK!)

I just watched this video about a young man and his father. The son is blind and cannot walk, but he has music. Both he and his father are amazing. It really hit me. Even without the background music that, of course, is there to make us feel even more emotional. (Trust me, I was incredibly moved, and that music didn’t matter.)

I compare this to the earlier video I posted today, and I’m even more embarrassed by the “hot violinist”.

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San Francisco Symphony is coming to our stomping grounds. I’m not thrilled. I know, I know, they are playing a free concert. But you know free concerts aren’t given just out to the kindness of their hearts. And coming down here isn’t exactly a thrill, I’m sure, for their musicians. (I’m guessing, though, that they get a nice run-out fee since it’s not in their territory.)

It has to be, of course, about money. They want the big companies that are here to give money to them. And of course we little folk down here in the Symphony Silicon Valley are feeling stomped on … or at least I am.

I have heard plenty of SF folk talk about my little town in very disparaging ways. I heard one San Francisco blogger speak with pointed disdain when he mentioned San José, and he actually did put his nose a bit higher in the air. (And yes, he knew I was from San José. Either he thought I was too stupid to catch on, he thought I agreed with him, or he simply didn’t care how it might bother me.)

I think … no, I knowSan Francisco Symphony is a fabulous ensemble. I am not saying anything about their quality. I’d just appreciate it if they’d give us “our space”. I’m saying something about kindness, I guess.

Ah well. No one asks me.

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Sometimes I’m puzzled by what people like. And what some “musicians” do. Really puzzled. But looking at the (very few, so far) comments, this video of “Australia’s Hottest Violinist!!” I’m not only puzzled but just kind of embarrassed. I don’t think this person is about fine music … at least not in this video. I can’t figure out what she IS about … is it about being sexy (thus the “hot”)? … being interactive with her audience? … say what?

Anyway, it sort of pushes my buttons. Not good buttons either.

Ah well. Not my problem, so it’s not like I’m getting all hot and bothered … I’ll just continue to be puzzled I guess.

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Or so this article says.

Picky opera fans are getting a vote. Online balloting will determine which segments will air during a December telecast on PBS to mark the 30th anniversary of Metropolitan Opera telecasts.

Voting starts Sept. 17 and ends Oct. 12 on PBS’ Web site, the Met said Wednesday, and each voter can select 10 operas. Soprano Renee Fleming will host the telecast, which will feature the top 10 vote-getters.