13. September 2007 · Comments Off on Feeling Territorial · Categories: Ramble

San Francisco Symphony is coming to our stomping grounds. I’m not thrilled. I know, I know, they are playing a free concert. But you know free concerts aren’t given just out to the kindness of their hearts. And coming down here isn’t exactly a thrill, I’m sure, for their musicians. (I’m guessing, though, that they get a nice run-out fee since it’s not in their territory.)

It has to be, of course, about money. They want the big companies that are here to give money to them. And of course we little folk down here in the Symphony Silicon Valley are feeling stomped on … or at least I am.

I have heard plenty of SF folk talk about my little town in very disparaging ways. I heard one San Francisco blogger speak with pointed disdain when he mentioned San José, and he actually did put his nose a bit higher in the air. (And yes, he knew I was from San José. Either he thought I was too stupid to catch on, he thought I agreed with him, or he simply didn’t care how it might bother me.)

I think … no, I knowSan Francisco Symphony is a fabulous ensemble. I am not saying anything about their quality. I’d just appreciate it if they’d give us “our space”. I’m saying something about kindness, I guess.

Ah well. No one asks me.

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