If an orchestra plays an entire opera but the conductor doesn’t acknowledge the orchestra at the end of the opera did the orchestra play? Did the audience hear them?

Just wondering ….


  1. it happened to me once when I played in the pit for a musical years ago. The orchestra was not mentioned in the program and were never acknowledged at all. (It was for a Catholic school that wanted to do a musical but had no instrumentalists. I guess they figured since they paid us $2.00 an hour that’s all we were due).

  2. I’ve seen it done before with musical theatre as well. Just never with an opera. (MT is frequently more about the show, while Opera is more about the music, or so it’s been with the jobs I’ve done.)

  3. PS … where do you play, Darlene? I’d love to know more about the OboeReaders here!

  4. I live in the upper Chesapeake Bay area, in Maryland just south of the PA-DE border. I have just made a mid-life career upheaval and am currently majoring in music education at Towson University as a second bachelor’s candidate! 🙂 I play in all sorts of groups in this area, but the thing I love most is playing operas and musicals- and I don’t care what language they’re in (haha).

  5. Wow … sounds as if you have more energy than I! I used to think about going back to school to get some sort of library degree, but I’m just too darn lazy. (I have a Bachelor of Music; What I WISH I’d done was switch majors after landing my symphony gig when I was a sophomore. My school was okay with music, but I would have benefitted more from a different degree, and would then have had a “back up” plan. Something all musicians need these days!)

    Well, I like my operas and musicals in any language too … as long as they are being done in their original language! 😉 (I think it also has something to do with the way the language fits the music; things get lost in translation, including some “poetry” for yours truly.)

    Congrats on going for that degree. You have my admiration. (And of course I’m a wee bit humbled as well, but that seems to be my natural state!)

  6. thanks Patty! It was very scary ditching a two-decades-plus career, but it feels really “right” to me! Either that or I’m extremely delusional. Funny, but I thought about a library degree too (regardless of previous posts you’ve done on the trials and tribulations of orchestra librarians).