15. September 2007 · Comments Off on smoking, smoking, smoking, and smoking · Categories: Ramble

The above was what was listed on a facebook page as the one and only activity by a local youth symphony conductor.

I just find it troubling.

Call my annoying, call my picky, call my out of date, but I think youth symphony conductors are role models to a lot of young musicians. Young, impressionable musicians. And seeing what he wrote just makes me very sad. (And yeah, a little bit angry too.)

We know so much more now than smokers used to know. We know about cigarettes and health and especially cancer. Does any adult really want to be that sort of influence on young musicians?

I’m not asking the guy to stop smoking (although I suspect he’d be able to conduct standing up more frequently if he quit). I’m just saying he might think about what he puts at his very public sites.

It’s a good reminder to me, though: there are no secrets here. 🙂

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