15. September 2007 · Comments Off on Um … What?! · Categories: Ramble

“I was told that people in wheelchairs will not enjoy classical music,” he says, “but I discovered that the healing power of music affects everyone”


I’ve not heard such a ridiculous idea in a long time. I’m assuming it is sort of out of context … that they were suggesting, as the person states later, that “That people in pain will not appreciate classical music.” Even that is ridiculous, of course. But the wheelchair statement just made me scratch my head.

Some people like classical music. Some don’t. And that’s the truth.

In Other News, I had a couple of good lessons this morning. I just love teaching, and it’s especially gratifying when students come in with a smile and a week of good practice. Good attitudes and putting in some effort certainly make a huge difference. So a big “Hoorah!” to my students today!

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