21. September 2007 · Comments Off on Oh Well. · Categories: Ramble

I had opera last night. Nothing to worry about, really, except that I was extremely tired. I’m not even sure why; it might just be the next symphony set lurking, and all the work I’m doing on that.

But in any case, I was very tired. So tired that at one point I thought, “Is that a dog barking?” Now of course it wasn’t, but that’s what my exhausted ears heard! Bizarre. I even found, at one point, that I could have easily started dozing off. And coffee isn’t an option, since that would keep me up all night.

Then, in the second scene of the third act, the bassoon and I have a mini-solo. We play, beginning on the second beat of a 4/4 bar, a whole note C#, followed by eighth notes D – E – F (into the downbeat of the next bar), all done with an angst-ridden crescendo. (After all, Edgardo is very upset at the moment.) It’s not something I ever worry about. At all. So what happens? NO C#. None. Nada. Zilch.

Well, well, well … what was that about? Was I so tired I just forgot to blow? Was I so tired I forgot my embouchure? Hardly likely; even when I’m on autopilot those things happen. So it’s either reed, instrument or just something weird yours truly did and doesn’t even remember.

But when one is hearing a barking dog in a performance I suppose anything can happen.

OR … there’s always this … I could suggest I just wanted to give the bassoonist a half note solo. (I did come in after that.) I’m known to be nice that way. Maybe.