Yes, the note came out in the little mini-solo moment. I didn’t leave my bassoon playing pal alone this time. I still haven’t a clue what happened the other night when the C# just wasn’t there. It’s a puzzlement. But whatever.

So one performance of Lucia to go, and then I move on to Symphony Silicon Valley. I have been working on the pieces as well as reeds. I tried some of the reeds in the pit tonight, but I wasn’t about to use them there; I just don’t trust them yet. I also know that the reeds I use in the pit are rarely good for the stage. So I’ll just have to wait and see what happens on Wednesday.

Between tomorrow and the first symphony rehearsal I teach at home, practice as much as I’m able, begin the UCSC quarter, rehearse a bit for the recital at UCSC (on October 28), and teach at SCU. It’s a very busy week. And I’m just exhausted. I had planned on church tomorrow, but it may not happen. I don’t want to fall asleep in the pit tomorrow afternoon. That would be a bad idea! 😉

I love the music life, but it does take a lot of energy and a lot of time, between teaching, practicing, rehearsals and performances. Oh yeah, and reeds. Contrary to popular belief, playing takes work! 😉

22. September 2007 · Comments Off on Which is Better? · Categories: Ramble

Thinking you might have made an error choosing a more prominent position for a concert or fearing you wimped out taking the less prominent one? I wonder.

Today, after I teach, will be spent on a lot of notes. I’m not sure if all those notes are heard, but I have to assume that they are. And even if they aren’t heard by the audience, they are heard by the conductor, my colleagues and, should I choose to listen to myself, me. So I have to get them. No matter what.

A few weeks back Krup & Kuyp (if you don’t know ’em, no matter) were talking about how a batter that struck out the first time gets up the second time around and pretty much has in his head how he struck out. It’s haunting. It can cause you to blunder even when that’s not the norm. I can relate.

Guess what is haunting me right now?