22. September 2007 · Comments Off on Which is Better? · Categories: Ramble

Thinking you might have made an error choosing a more prominent position for a concert or fearing you wimped out taking the less prominent one? I wonder.

Today, after I teach, will be spent on a lot of notes. I’m not sure if all those notes are heard, but I have to assume that they are. And even if they aren’t heard by the audience, they are heard by the conductor, my colleagues and, should I choose to listen to myself, me. So I have to get them. No matter what.

A few weeks back Krup & Kuyp (if you don’t know ’em, no matter) were talking about how a batter that struck out the first time gets up the second time around and pretty much has in his head how he struck out. It’s haunting. It can cause you to blunder even when that’s not the norm. I can relate.

Guess what is haunting me right now?

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