23. September 2007 · Comments Off on Composing for The Simpsons · Categories: Quotes, Ramble

I have a very, very deep love for Broadway musicals, and I’m a big jazz lover, a big-band lover, I like contemporary classical works.

-Alf Clausen (RTWT)

… and you can tell all of this if you listen to the music on The Simpsons.

I don’t often watch the show any more—maybe it has something to do with no kids in the house?—but we used to watch it a lot, and I especially loved the musical theatre parodies. Great fun. My only big disappointment? I wish Lisa played oboe. I mean … it’s just so nerdy and all and wouldn’t it have been fun? But I guess playing sax was sort of genius; it’s NOT nerdy, and yet Lisa plays it. Go figure.

So maybe Bart should play oboe? Or Homer. Just not Marge. Please. No one with hair like that should play oboe.

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