I just found this site, by and about Pedro Díaz. He is the solo English hornist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. The site includes a page of tips for the English hornist. Pretty cool.

Mr. Díaz corresponded with me at one point some time ago. He was very kind and polite, and I was impressed, as not all those top notch players will take time to yak with the likes ‘o me. 🙂

Now … will he start a blog? That would be great fun.


  1. Very interesting. I’ve thought about a lot of those things before, but reading them makes me realize I don’t necessarily apply them to my English horn playing. It’s a different animal, but I’ve only ever had one lesson on the English horn with an actual English hornist. This makes me want more!

  2. I meant to respond to this earlier, Jill. Sorry!

    I wish I’d had more EH lessons … it’s definitely a different beast than oboe! I only had one mini-lesson with Julie Ann Giacobassi. (She was fabulous.) Of course now I’m mostly on oboe anyway. (I do have Quiet City coming up, though.)