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Mr. Mortier is confident that he can win New Yorkers to 20th-century material. In Paris, he said, he often gives introductory talks in the lobby 45 minutes before the curtain, to whoever wants to listen, and he plans to do the same in New York. “Everyone can love Stravinsky and Janácek,” he said. “When you talk to them for 20 minutes, they go with a different attitude into the theater.”


Isn’t it funny; we are in the 21st century, and we are still trying to “get” 20th century music. Or maybe it’s not funny. Maybe it’s just curious? I dunno. (And yeah, there are still works I don’t get. I can be slow that way! I can be slow in a lot of ways.)

I do like much of what Mr. Mortier is doing in NYC with NYCO. Some of it would be fun to do here, although we only do four operas, we already have a nearly full house every night, and we don’t do much contemporary or even 20th century music. So what to do?

I know!!

A summer series. Contemporary music. And 20th century too. More compact than our spread out over four weeks operas right now. Including some Sondheim, Copland, Bernstein in with the mix, or maybe making a complete American series. Everything in English, even. Maybe chamber operas? Hmm. Just tossing out ideas.

Could it happen?

Well, I guess I’m doubtful. Nothing much happens in San Jose over the summer. Jazz, yes. But does anything else go on downtown? AMTSJ pretty much shuts down (unless they bring in a tour). SSV shuts down. And OSJ shuts down. All sorts of letters shut down, eh?

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