25. September 2007 · Comments Off on Huh? · Categories: Ramble

“… the finest left hand technique since Franz von Biber.”

I just heard a “cellist” (actress, really) say this in a Bones episode. (Okay, I’m watching this show that doesn’t thrill me … but mostly I’m just waiting for House. Really!)

So I had to look up the name Franz von Biber. Did they mean this guy? How would they know about a 17th century violinist’s left hand technique anyway? And so this character who was murdered … some young guy that looks horribly awkward holding his priceless violin … may have had the finest left hand technique since Biber? All the violinists since then have been less than finest?

Such a puzzlement. So distressing. Or maybe I’m just rambling. (Who? Me?)

But at least they weren’t doing a TV show on an oboist and “the finest reed maker since … oh … who would it be? Hotteterre?

25. September 2007 · Comments Off on Back Home · Categories: Ramble

I spent the entire day at UCSC. It was one long day, but an enjoyable one as well. For some reason I saw only one oboist … where are you others?! (But Becky, you sounded wonderful and your orchestra audition was quite good!)

The campus was lovely, as always, and I saw more deer today than I’ve seen before. Beautiful creatures!

It was nice to hear that the music department website is to be updated. I was wondering when (if) that would happen. It’s time. It’s past time, really. The events calendar is a problem, too, and we were told that would also be fixed. Whew. ‘Bout time.

As of this week the “year” will have fully begun. OSJ. SSV. SCU. UCSC. All letters up and running, if you know what I mean. 🙂