25. September 2007 · Comments Off on Huh? · Categories: Ramble

“… the finest left hand technique since Franz von Biber.”

I just heard a “cellist” (actress, really) say this in a Bones episode. (Okay, I’m watching this show that doesn’t thrill me … but mostly I’m just waiting for House. Really!)

So I had to look up the name Franz von Biber. Did they mean this guy? How would they know about a 17th century violinist’s left hand technique anyway? And so this character who was murdered … some young guy that looks horribly awkward holding his priceless violin … may have had the finest left hand technique since Biber? All the violinists since then have been less than finest?

Such a puzzlement. So distressing. Or maybe I’m just rambling. (Who? Me?)

But at least they weren’t doing a TV show on an oboist and “the finest reed maker since … oh … who would it be? Hotteterre?

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