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CSI New York: the poor victim was stuck in at timpani. Who’d a thunk it?

In other news … I’m just home from the symphony rehearsal. My mouth is tired! Opera might be 3 hours long or so, but a symphony rehearsal of 2 1/2 hours always seems to require more playing. We have a lot of music to cover, and only two more rehearsals. There’s lots of work to be done!

I met David Amram tonight, and it turns out he’s located this site! (Mr. Amram, if you read this, hello! I’m having a great time playing the piece.) For those readers who don’t keep up with my rambling, we are playing the world premiere of his work, Symphonic Variations on a Song by Woody Guthrie. I was going to be playing the English horn, and would have had a fun solo … first a straight forward version of This Land is Your Land and then a jazzy little bit right after. But now I’m playing principal oboe, so that solo was nixed. I’m still getting the tune a few times, though, and I have a rather extensive solo in one variation. I’m loving that solo! So I sort of miss the fabulous sound of the English horn (I always love playing that instrument … as long as I have a reed!) but at least I’m getting something great in return.

In addition we are playing Beethoven’s 6th and Janacek’s Sinfonietta. Two great works, to be sure. Toward the end of the Beethoven this afternoon I just wanted to cry; it’s such an incredible work. The Janacek is fun and, I think, a crowd-pleaser. I have solos in all three works, as it turns out. This is a definite work week even while I play.

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Today: SCU faculty recital at noon (no, I’m not playing, but I think I should go and hear my colleagues, don’t you?). Two symphony rehearsals. With a (yum!) nice (free!) dinner in between. We’ll begin the afternoon rehearsal with Beethoven 6th, move to Amram, and get to the Janacek in the evening. Lots of notes. Not as many as the strings, of course, but still, lots of notes.

So of I go ….

While I’m away you can go read about Oliver Sack’s iPod playlist. No oboe concerti listed. Say what?!

Or … as an alternative, you could watch and listen to some jazz oboe. (Here’s more.)

OR … as an alternative to that, you can watch and listen to the Prokofiev Quintet: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5. (The sound isn’t fabulous, but at least you get to hear the work … one that doesn’t seem to be frequently performed. At least not to my knowledge.)

And finally … a little Mozart. You can watch and listen to Yigal Kamink playing the Mozart Oboe Concerto for what looks to be a class. (I read a bit about the oboist here, as he had participated in Daniel Barenboim’s West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. I love listening to oboists from around the world. Give him a go!

Happy reading, watching and listening! See you in a bit.