29. September 2007 · Comments Off on Home · Categories: Ramble

I got home about 30 minutes ago. After the concert there was a little shindig; it was opening night, after all.

About the Concert: I didn’t embarrass myself. I didn’t play absolutely perfectly. (Truthfully, there was only one thing that I think I was annoyed about that I did.) But I think there were some things I did pretty darn well. And for me to say that … well … that doesn’t happen often. I felt good. And I felt as if I was making music. This is what matters most to me.

I continue to enjoy and appreciate Maestro Polivnick. I especially loved his very clear cue to me in the Janacek; I had talked to him yesterday about one spot where I was just concerned about my entrance. There was no way I would miss it with his very clear cue. Whew!

The audience was quite enthusiastic. Especially after the Amram. I spoke to Mr. Amram at the party and thanked him for the lovely oboe solo in his work. It really is a fun solo to play, and just my sort of thing … lots of expression and all that jazz. Nice!

I won’t write more until after tomorrow’s concert. I don’t want to set myself up for bad “stuff” for tomorrow, I don’t want to clue any reviewers in to what was great and what wasn’t. And, besides, I’ve really got to get some rest (if that’s possible). I’m hoping to leave the alarm clock off and sleep for as long as my body will allow. Of course that may mean I’m up at 2 in the morning. Sigh.

This morning was spent teaching. Tonight will be spent performing. This afternoon is being spent taking it easy.

Sleeping is still not going well for yours truly. Not only am I experiencing RLS (restless leg syndrome) but now I feel as if someone is sticking pins in me.

Hmmm. Anyone has some doll in my likeness that you are hurting? Say what?