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I’m guessing I’m just way behind and readers already know about this, but I just discovered Instant Encore. When signing up I quickly set up my home page (more will be added later) to include concert listings in San Jose and in the San Francisco Bay Region. Right there I see Symphony Silicon Valley. Nice! I also added Imani Winds to the page as a group I like, and my home page now tells me where, when and what they are playing in the upcoming month.

I clicked on the next SSV concert and was taken here, which gives the program and a link to buy tickets. Very cool.

It’s obviously a new place … when I clicked on the oboe link I was taken to only two recordings, but still, I think this site may be one I’ll find handy. You can purchase MP3s and you can also download program notes. Program notes are something I’d really like added to emusic and iTunes. Or maybe I’ll end up at Instant Encore instead. We’ll see. (I am sorry, though, that the initials for are IE. Oh well. 😉

Anyway, check it out if you’d like!

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