So Mr. Bratman liked the Amram … and more. He even mentioned me. Can you feel the world bouncing as I jump up and down? (Okay, I don’t really do that. But I do experience a bit of joy when I am mentioned. I’ll admit it; I have an ego. Is that shallow of me?) What is particularly shocking to yours truly is to see my picture on the review. Now that’s a new one! More on that picture below, so keep reading if you will.

And yes, I’m relieved to read something positive. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be so darn insecure, but after reading the Merc’s take on the concert I was rather puzzled. I’m not always certain that I played well. I’m a bundle of insecurities and neurosis. Friends and family will agree. But this time … well … I really did think I played well.

And yet I always seem to need pats on the back. Sigh. How pathetic is that?

I’m not the only one, though. I remember working with a conductor some time ago. The conductor never seemed entirely certain of the performance until the audience demanded several curtain calls. I guess we all just need the assurance that they like us. They really like us.

Of course sometimes they don’t. Even when we think we’ve done our best. That’s show biz.

And I really enjoyed the Amram, so I was glad to read the review for that as well. I wasn’t sure at the start of our rehearsals, and we had some glitches we had to figure out; measures weren’t correct and time had to be taken as we repaired these problems. But, really, I thought it was a very good work.

(Yes, we could have used one more rehearsal, especially for the Janacek. And … well … I’ll ‘fess up … I was an “early bird” (I’m sure Mr. Bratman knows what I mean!), thinking I saw a cue when it wasn’t one. Sigh. So I wasn’t perfect. Rats. I don’t ask for much … just perfection.)

Anyway … about that PICTURE … it was taken at our dinner table several years ago, when we had my parents and sister over. But it isn’t quite the close up that you might think. Ah no … there’s more to the picture. And it’s a “don’t mess with me” sort as I’m … well … I could appear to be threatening someone. (But notice how nicely I smile while doing so?)

Photo by G. Dan Mitchell


  1. I love it!

  2. I only wish I had been holding a reed knife! 😉