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You can hear and see Boulez conduct the Vienna Philharmonic playing Song of the Nightingale.

Part One
Part Two (Check out the oboe!)

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Here is a jazz oboe youtube video. From there I located the Dubai Philharmonic Orchestra. That’s a new orchestra to me, anyway. Maybe you too.

If you recall, I shared a link to another video earlier.

It used to be thought that oboe just couldn’t do jazz. So much for that, eh?

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I’m always quite careful about speed limits. It’s a good thing. Today the UCSC campus, and the city of Santa Cruz were both crawling with police. Now I know why.

Of course when they publicize it like that I would think everyone would follow all the rules. For one day. Big whoop. I never understand why they warn people, to be honest.

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How on earth am I supposed to find my way around the classical universe when forgettable-looking artists insist on putting their face on the album cover, posing naffly with their instrument, and naming their album Voice of the Violin? I mean, come on… If I saw this album in the shop, turn-off Bell would turn me off listening to his music, and I would lose out on pure Rachmaninoff magic.

So this blogger thinks Joshua Bell is a “forgettable-looking artist”. Hmmm. Coulda fooled me!

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You can listen to this podcast about a newly formed trio, called Allegresse. They sound great!

Ahh, to play in a chamber group! Of course I do have a couple of recitals coming up that involve chamber music, but I’d love to be in a group that consistently rehearsed and performed.

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October 12-14 at University of Iowa. Includes Peter Cooper, Gordon Hunt, Humbert Lucarelli and Mark Weiger.

Read about it.

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“We are absolutely thrilled that Donald is to become our new chief conductor. We have a wonderful relationship and are set for a truly exciting future.” (RTWT)

It’s interesting to think that his minimum number of weeks with the BBC – Scottish Symphony Orchestra is eight. If you do the math, and give a conductor eight weeks of vacation, conductors could have positions with five orchestras leaving five more weeks to guest elsewhere. I wonder what that adds up to in income. (And traveling.)

(And yeah, I’m up at 2:40 AM. I’m learning to just go with it; if I can’t sleep why fight it, right?)