I hadn’t seen this site before. Thanks to TSR, who also writes about Tannhäuser I now get to read another opinion of last night’s opera.

Both reviews are entertaining. They agree with me on some points. Go figure.

I do think, after seeing this that I liked SF Opera’s production more than I would have liked LA Opera’s. Of course they only show a brief portion, but it wasn’t working for me.

Oh … and during one intermission last night Dan started singing Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. Made me laugh. But who can help but get that tune in their head after seeing the ring of fire in Act 1? Hmmm?

Lisa Hirsch’s thoughts
Heather Heise’s take (and she mentions the Johnny Cash reference as well)


  1. More on the Johnny Cash thought…

    How about his conflict between the sacred and the profane? More parallels?


  2. Well yeah … hadn’t thought of that. (Thinking is so over-rated. 😉