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When I’m on stage I always feel as if everyone is staring at me. Of course the rational part of me knows that that isn’t the case. There are a lot of us up there, and I’m guessing it’s not often that someone is zoomed in on me alone. But still ….

And then I read this:

My own LSO bête noire is unlisted: on-stage nose picking (no names but u kno who ur). Every so often musicians have those ostrich moments where they’re not looking at the audience, and don’t realise that out of a thousand pairs of eyes, there’s a fair chance at least one will be trained on them. Being tucked away behind the cellos (clue) is no protection. Get a handkerchief!


Yikes! Double yikes! So we ARE being seen as separate individuals. Rats. But at least I’ve never been caught doing that! (I do have a tendency to push my hair back and “reset” my glasses a lot.)

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